ProDen PlaqueOff Teeth & Gums

  • Works systemically against Bad Breath, Tartar & Plaque
  • Two capsules taken daily
  • Can help keep teeth whiter for longer

ProDen PlaqueOff is a patented natural food supplement to help control the problem of plaque and tartar. It contains especially selected seaweed (SW1313). This entirely natural product is harvested from the seas of Norway and Iceland.

Plaque bacteria constantly form in the mouth and easily adhere to teeth and gums. If allowed to accumulate, it can lead to bleeding and gum inflammation (gingivitis), and over time may even cause tooth loss.

Plaque can also become hardened into tartar. The best way of preventing gum disease is by removing plaque regularly and thoroughly with the use of a tooth brush and by cleaning between the teeth with floss. However, despite these efforts, it is recognised by the dental profession that a substantial number of people are not able to adequately control plaque.

Government data shows that even those adults who brush their teeth twice daily, almost three quarters had some visible plaque on their teeth or had tartar (calculus) deposits.

Use PlaqueOff Teeth & Gums to support existing oral hygiene routines.

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