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Key Features of Gumchucks Interdental Plaque Removal Aid…

Making Flossing Easier

No more floss-wrapped fingers in your mouth! GumChucks makes it easy to effectively clean all of your teeth, even the ones in the back.

Dentist Recommended ‘C’ Shape

Floss must wrap around each tooth as well as clean below the gum line and GumChucks helps you reach the difficult 40% of the tooth most people miss, not just the spaces!

Brace Flossing

No more threading between each tooth! GumChucks’ disposable tips are designed with a thin extension on each end which fits behind the arch wire for those with braces to floss.

Introduction to Gumchucks

How do I use them?

Faster and More Effective Flossing

Flossing Efficacy

A study conducted at UCLA showed that when using GumChucks, children ages 4-9 flossed more quickly and effectively than children ages 10-15 did with traditional string floss. The research proved that GumChucks is efficient, effective, and allows for faster flossing and greater improvements in gingival health.

More Effective and Easier Flossing

Floss Frequency 4 Months After Using GumChucks

An independent study conducted by the University of Portugal showed that 66% of people who tried GumChucks became regular daily flossers. The study measured flossing efficacy as well as efficiency. Through increased compliance, GumChucks helped patients improve their oral health.

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December 14, 2021