GumChucks Adult Pro Floss

GumChucks are the first and only flossing system of their kind. Resembling miniature nunchucks, they feature disposable tips that are equipped with a 3/4 inch piece of dental floss. Proper flossing requires making “C” shape, wrapping the floss around the tooth to get beneath the gum line in order to break up the bacteria and remove plaque. GumChucks is one of the only tools beside your fingers that can do this. Flossers are straight and simply can’t do as good a job.

GumChucks gives individuals with limited dexterity, especially seniors, handles that provide for better leverage, keep the floss taut for smooth & painless entry, and avoid cut off blood circulation from floss-wrapped finger tips. Better dexterity means better control when flossing around dental work.

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