About Informcare

InformCare Ltd is an organisation specialising in the sale and promotion of innovative products that allow you to live a safer, healthier life. We distribute and sell AERS Nose Filters, Albedo100, and GumChucks.

Our products may appear varied there’s a key connection through all of our products, and that’s our customers. We want to keep you safe, healthy and happy.

AERS Nose filters are a brand new innovation that have arrived in the UK just in time. With news articles of pollution being at an all-time high these nose filters are effective against 90% of pollutants, allergens and viruses. As the summer months roll in these nose filters offer fantastic allergy relief capturing 90% of PM10 particles. They are about to become the ultimate travel companion, cut out re-used air on flights, stop breathing in harmful toxins from traffic day to day. Approved by Allergy UK in the fight against hayfever.

Albedo 100 is helping keep roads safer by lighting up the darkness. Having proved itself as one of the most popular cycling accessories in Sweden we’re excited to bring the innovation to the UK. With sprays suitable for bikes, scooters, clothes, accessories and even pets you can keep the whole family safe in low light conditions on the road. In this case seeing really is believing

GumChucks started the flossing revolution in the United States and with the unique Ortho collection, kids handles and refill packs we’re looking out for the whole family. Make your kids the boss of the floss and watch them build a routine around GumChucks. Check out the Youtube page for tutorials, videos and testimonials.

InformCare Ltd is incredibly excited to bring you these innovative products and wants to help keep you safe, happy and healthy. If you’d like to have a chat about how you can help us spread the good work of these brands then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.