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O2 nose filters are now sold in the UK and Europe under the new brand name of AERS

Our Customers

AERS Nose Filters provide a more discreet form of protection against dirty air than the large masks

The Times

AERS Nose Filters are the latest weapon in the war against city pollution - air filters so small they can be worn inside a commuters nostrils.

London Post

'Invisible' air filter that you stick up your nose and blocks 90% of pollution particles, allergens and bacteria. It could help tackle the effects of the pollution crisis that plagues modern cities

The Daily Mail

Having struggled to use Platypus on every tooth that my braces are attached to I was delighted to find that I can use the Ortho GumChuck with every tooth and the floss didn’t fray! Fantastic product. I will show it to my Orthodontist at my next appointment.

Debbie, Customer

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